Membership Benefits

The US-ASEAN Business Council takes a result-oriented approach to promoting our member’s growth in Southeast Asia. We offer two gateways to membership benefits:  Corporate and Chairman’s Council.

Corporate membership provides general advocacy support, access to all country- and industry-specific updates, and access to most Council events.

In addition to the benefits of Corporate membership, Chairman’s Council membership provides customized support; advocating on company specific issues, providing intelligence catered to your company’s needs, and direct support for stakeholder mapping and setting up meetings with key policy makers/influencers. Chairman’s Council members also receive access to intimate events with government officials.

For a full listing of benefits associated with the membership levels, please email


Corporate Benefits
  • Business missions to all 10 ASEAN markets which engage governments at the highest levels.
  • Off-the-record roundtables and policy briefings with senior government leaders in ASEAN and the U.S.
  • On-the-ground support for promoting your positions/policy priorities with policy makers.
  • Industry-specific, country-specific, cross-sector and regional advocacy through committees that target their engagement based on member priorities.
  • Advocacy on your behalf in situations where your company should not be directly identified or is unable to be present.
Chairman's Council Benefits
  • All Corporate benefits.
  • Assistance with resolving company-specific trade or investment issues through our six regional offices and U.S.-based staff.
  • Develop effective advocacy strategies to impact policy concerns.
  • Identification of, and engagement with appropriate policy influencers to impact policy concerns.
  • Assistance conducting follow-up after engaging government leaders (can include providing officials with additional materials, setting up meetings with their staff, getting a readout of the government’s reaction to the discussion).
  • Support for developing arguments that will resonate with target stakeholders.
  • Leading and setting the agenda and policy priorities of the Country and Industry Committees.


Corporate Benefits
  • Regular country- and industry-specific political, economic, trade and investment analysis and updates.
  • Breaking news analysis and background on new leaders and leadership changes.
  • Insights on political environments/trends and government priorities from on-the-ground resources.
  • Legislative and regulatory updates from key ASEAN markets.
  • Identification of key players with influence over your business challenge or opportunity and access to a comprehensive guide of policy makers and influencers in ASEAN.
  • Advice and explanations on policies, regulations, and customs rules and procedures.
  • Best practice exchanges with U.S. and ASEAN academic, business, economic and political leaders.
  • Country updates from U.S. and ASEAN Ambassadors.
  • Advice on leveraging trade and investment agreements in ASEAN and into other markets.
  • Insights on public-private-partnership opportunities and projects.
Chairman's Council Benefits
  • All Corporate benefits.
  • Company-specific advice and updates from experts based in the U.S. and throughout Southeast Asia.
  • Detailed stakeholder mapping including biographies, contact details and the option for introductions.
  • Support with crafting talking points and briefing papers.
  • Annual regional or country specific in-person/phone briefing for your board or senior executives.

Relationship Building

Corporate Benefits
  • Regular roundtables and networking opportunities to connect with professionals, thought and government leaders.
  • Country- and industry-specific committees, an opportunity to connect with private sector partners and develop coalitions focused on key challenges in ASEAN (or a specific market).
  • Annual U.S. and ASEAN Ambassadors’ Tours, an opportunity for your executives to develop relationships with key influencers in U.S.-ASEAN policy.
Chairman's Council Benefits
  • All Corporate benefits.
  • Assistance with organizing eight (8) private meetings with government leaders.
  • Direct support from Council staff for relationship building. Staff are available to accompany executives to meetings with government officials and can provide access to back-channel feedback following interactions.
  • Senior Executive Roundtables - a monthly engagement for Asia Pacific and ASEAN private sector Presidents.
  •  Asia Pacific Presidents Business Mission, convening target country’s Head of State and Cabinet Officials.


Corporate Benefits
  • Receive discounts and waived fees for ASEAN related events with Council partners.
  • Suggest/Request programs and initiatives based on your needs for engagement with ASEAN governments and other stakeholders.
Chairman's Council Benefits
  • All Corporate benefits.
  • Priority seating and access to VIP guests.
  • Opportunity to host officials, speak at events and sponsor engagements.
  • Ability to propose new industry committees.
  • Leadership opportunities in Country and Industry Committees, Senior Executive Business Missions, and engagements with government officials.
  • Opportunity to fill a seat on the Council’s Board of Directors and play a role in the overall Council Policy Priorities