Lauren Mai

Michaela Wong
Lauren Mai
Associate - Sustainability, Energy, Malaysia

Lauren Mai joined the US-ASEAN Business Council as an Associate based in Washington, DC in May 2022. She currently supports the Council’s portfolios in Sustainability and Energy. Lauren started as an intern at the Council in August 2021.

As an undergraduate at Boston University, Lauren led her foreign service and international business fraternity as President. She also served as Research Editor in Chief for Migration Tales, a publication site dedicated to migrant-related issues, publishing several articles focused on Southeast Asian global affairs.

Lauren is of Vietnamese and German descent and grew up in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. She graduated from Boston University in May 2022 with a BA in International Relations, specializing in Foreign Policy with a regional focus on the Asia Pacific. Lauren also received a BA in Political Science, receiving honors in the major issued by the National Political Science Honours Society.