Le Nguyen

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Le Nguyen
Country Research Analyst - Vietnam, ICT

Le Nguyen joined the Council in July 2022 as a Country Research Analyst for Vietnam in the Washington D.C. Office. 

Prior to joining the Council, Le spent 13 years working in Tokyo for two premier Japanese companies.  Her first job was with NTT Finance, the core finance company of Japan’s largest telecommunications group, specializing in international corporate finance operations.  Her second job was with IGPI, one of the leading Japanese management consulting firms, where she acted as a consultant for projects across various sectors for both Japanese government and Fortune 500 Japanese companies, to promote investments and business ties between Japan and ASEAN, especially Vietnam. 

Le holds an M.A. in Business Management from the Graduate School of Regional Management – Aomori Chuogakuin University and a B.A. in Management and Law from Aomori Chuogakuin University, Japan.  She was a transfer student from the Foreign Trade University of Hanoi. 

Le speaks, reads and writes English, Japanese and Vietnamese fluently.