Indonesia Clippings: Indonesia Acts to Override Patents on HIV Drugs; Indonesian House One Step Closer to Revising 1996 Food Law

Top Stories of the Week: Indonesia Acts to Override Patents on HIV Drugs; Indonesian House One Step Closer to Revising 1996 Food Law


  • Briefing and Discussion on Indonesian Food/Ag and Health/Life Sciences Legislation with U.S. Embassy Jakarta, October 25, Conference Call
  • USTDA Indonesia Unconventional Gas Reverse Trade Mission, October 17-27, Houston, Pittsburg, and DC. This mission is led by Director General for Oil and Gas Evita Legowo, and will include an industry roundtable in Houston Monday, October 22. For more details on how to register for the roundtable and be involved in the mission, please contact Doug Shuster at, or Pinsuda Alexander at
  • U.S. Commercial Service Infrastructure Mission to Indonesia and Vietnam led by Undersecretary Sanchez, November 11-17, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Jakarta. For additional information, please visit the mission website here:
  • U.S. Embassy Jakarta South Sumatra Mission, November 19-20, Palembang. For more information, please contact Michael Roberts at the Embassy at
  • Indonesia Committee Meeting and Briefing with Ambassador Djalal, November, Date TBD.


  • The Council is currently working on an English translation of Indonesia’s Defense Industry Law, which should be ready on Friday, and a translation of the latest version of the Draft Electronic Transaction Law, which is current as of October 2012, and still includes Article 17 mandating local data centers.
  • The House of Representatives (DPR) is in the final stages of a revision to the 1996 Food Law. The new law has the goal of making Indonesia self-sufficient in key food staples, partly through limiting imports, and establishes a food authority to ensure adequate food supplies. This law will also mandate halal labeling of food products. In a recent report, the OECD criticized Indonesia’s food “self-sufficiency” policies, saying they would actually hurt poor farmers and consumers by raising prices. For a copy of the Draft Bill on Food/The Protection and Empowerment of Farmers, please contact Danielle at For more information, please see: Indonesian House One Step Closer to Revising 1996 Food Law
  • The President issued Decree #76/2012 on the Implementation of the Government on Patent Medicines on September 3. This overrides seven patents held by international pharmaceutical companies on HIV and hepatitis drugs, allowing significantly cheaper generic versions to be made by Indonesian producers. For an English translation of Decree #76/2012, please contact Danielle Fumagalli at For more information, please see: Indonesia Acts to Override Patents on HIV Drugs


National Affairs
+Indonesian Govt Hoping to Book $2B at Trade Expo
+Only Six Lessons for Elementary Students as English Also Gets the Ax
+Ford to Expand Dealerships to Boost Sales
+Keeping Indonesia’s Trade Open
+Improve Competitiveness of Local Products: President
+VP Slated to Observe Master Plan for Economic Development Projects

Defense & Security
+Closer Defense Ties Between India and Indonesia a Win-Win Scenario
+Indonesian Soldiers Allegedly Attack Journalists Covering Riau Jet Crash
+Indonesia Develops Drone to Monitor Border Regions
+Indonesian Military Gears Up for Maneuver Warfare
+Caveat Emptor: The Challenge in Implementing Defense Offset in Indonesia

+Bank Mandiri Backs Up Efforts to Boost Exports

+Investment Target in Automotive Component Industry 

Food & Ag
+Indonesian House One Step Closer to Revising 1996 Food Law
+Indonesia’s Bulog Estimates that 2012 Rice Imports Could Reach 770,000 Tons
+Malnourishment “Not Taken Seriously” as 20 Kids Die in Indonesia’s NTB
+Indonesia: Farming Self-Sufficiency Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up to Be
+Indonesia’s Minster Lashes Out at OECD Food Report
+Food Shortage Problem Not Solved Yet

+RIM Meets with Indonesian Clients on New Blackberry OS

+Indonesia, South Korea Agree to Work Together on Projects Worth $50B
+Batam Lures Foreign Investors to Build Railway System
+Jakarta MRT Plan in Limbo
+Jokowi to Prioritize Development of Monorail System
+Govt Reports Higher Capital Spending
+Poor Infrastructure Constrains Investment in Bangka Belitung

Financial Services
+Indonesia Optimistic Towards Unification of ASEAN Banking Systems
+Analysis: Talk with BI: Unfaltering Local Economy
+PLN Heads to UK, US to Test Interest in New Bond Issue
+OJK Finalizes Consumer Protection Programs

+BP Migas Expects to Be Short of Oil Output Target
+PLN to Boost Power Capacity by 5,000 Megawatts in 2013
+Indonesia Sees Energy Subsidies Rising 35.7% in 2012
+Chevron Case May Hurt Investments: Official
+BP Mulls Entering Geothermal Energy Sector, Says Minister
+PLN, GE to Build Biomass Power Plant
+J-Power, Itochu Said to Delay $4B Indonesian Plant
+Industries Reject Government’s Plan to Raise Electricity Tariff
+Indonesia Group Plans to Build $4.8B Refinery With Azeri Oil Firm
+First Solar to Help Build Solar Plant in Indonesia

 Healthcare & Life Sciences
+Indonesia Acts to Override Patents on HIV Drugs
+Biofarma to Host International Meeting for Vaccine Producers
+Over 1 Million Indonesians Go Abroad for Medical Treatment Every Year
+Indonesia Has Second-Highest Rate of Blindness in World