About Malaysia

Key Statistics 2018
GDP $314.4billion1
GDP per capita (PPP) $9,8081
GDP Growth 5.8%1
Total Investment 25.4%1
US Exports to Malaysia $12.9 billion2
US Imports from Malaysia $37.3 billion2
Population 32 million1
1. IMF World Economic Report (March 2018) - Malaysia
2. U.S. Census Bureau - Trade in Goods with Malaysia

The Malaysia Country Committee is the preeminent platform for US businesses to engage the Government of Malaysia on supporting its Economic Transformation Program (ETP) and Government Transformation Program (GTP) reform agenda as well as serving as a stakeholder consultation forum to enable its shift into a high-income nation and away from the middle income trap.

Our agenda includes support for:

  • Enhancing Malaysia’s global competitiveness via a more rule-based policy environment
  • Greater private sector-led growth initiatives
  • Better skills and human capital development
  • A leaner and more efficient public sector
  • Evolution of pro-growth affirmative action approaches
  • Continued improvements in infrastructure and connectivity
  • Promotion of high-value growth sectors
  • Continued growth of Malaysia's digital economy
  • Promotion of policies that protect intellectual property and innovation in healthcare

Committee Programs

The Council, via the bilateral Malaysia Country Committee, leads annual business missions to Kuala Lumpur, a signature annual program for more than 20 years. Over a two to three day period, Council delegates meet with the top leadership of the Malaysian government and thought leaders. Throughout the year, the Council plans engagements with the Malaysian government and U.S. Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

The Council also regularly host events and dialogues with Malaysian government leaders including the Prime Minister and Minister of International Trade and Industry while visiting the U.S.  The Council also facilitates high level business to business industry-focused dialogues between U.S. and Malaysian corporate leaders and supports Malaysia Industrial Development Authority’s (MIDA) annual investments missions to the U.S.

Success Stories and Highlights in Malaysia

The Malaysia Country Committee has been at the forefront of supporting the efforts of the U.S. business community to do business in Malaysia. Since 2003, the Council has successfully advocated for Malaysia to adopt policy reforms to relax limits foreign equity investment in a wide range of services (now up to 70%-100% depending on industry) and manufacturing industries (now up to 100%). Our advocacy efforts related to intellectual property rights protection (IPR) and enforcement have led to Malaysia creating specialized IPR courts and robust public-private partnerships to combat the export of pirated media products.

Country Summary

Malaysia is a multi-racial, multi-religious, majority Muslim nation of approximately 32 million people. A former British Colony, Malaysia achieved political independence in 1963.  As a nation which once relied heavily on exporting raw materials as its primary engine of growth, Malaysia has been recognized for its rapid success into becoming one of the world's leading trading nations with a diversified economy consisting of both export (energy, commodities and manufactured electronics) and domestic (financial services, tourism, and domestic consumption) led sources of growth. Bilateral relations between the United States and Malaysia are based on robust engagement in the areas of trade & investment and defense & security cooperation.