Over the 25 years of the US-ASEAN Business Council’s engagement in Southeast Asia, the countries of ASEAN have experienced unparalleled economic growth. But the members of the Council have not focused solely on business. Many of our members have been engaged in Southeast Asia for over one hundred years. We are not simply part of the corporate fabric of ASEAN. We are also friends and citizens.

The ideal of coordinated economic development, government aid and corporate social responsibility can be dated back as far as the heartstrings of mankind. But as lofty utopian ideals have come and gone without leaving behind lasting success, public-private partnerships are emerging as the most viable avenue to achieving progress in areas such as healthcare, infrastructure, and building human capital.

More and more, multinational corporations are using their business expertise to address dire humanitarian issue globally by creating a synergy of best practices and on the ground experience.

The US-ASEAN Business Council recognizes that there is also a pivotal role for us to play in addressing these needs in Southeast Asia. This is why we are committed to an optimal Corporate Citizenship program that flows from and complements the core work of our members, as well as the US and foreign governments.

We advocate for initiatives that operate at the nexus of both our member’s and society’s interests. We will support true strategic giving that addresses important social and economic goals. Simultaneously, we target areas of competitive context where our member company and society both benefit by the firm bringing its unique assets and expertise to bear.