About the Travel & Tourism Committee

The Travel and Tourism sector is one of the key contributors to ASEAN’s economic growth. It accounts for 12.4% of ASEAN GDP in 2015, according to the World Travel and Tourism Council. The ASEAN Strategic Plan targets tourism to make up 15 percent of ASEAN GDP by 2025 and to account for 7 percent of total employment. Given the importance of the sector to ASEAN Member States, the US-ASEAN Business Council would like to support its growth.

The US-ASEAN Business Council’s Travel and Tourism Committee aims to be a global thought leader in travel and tourism. With our diverse portfolio of influential American companies supporting the wide travel ecosystem, we strive to leverage on the unique expertise of our members to identify and provide holistic partnerships, services and solutions to promote inclusive travel and tourism growth in ASEAN. We also leverage on emerging technology and innovation in the digital economy to help ASEAN Member States embrace global online travel trends.

Known for our leadership edge, global networks, passion for innovation and commitment to create new growth opportunities in local communities, the committee aims to become the partner of choice for ASEAN Member States that are keen to drive both their regional and national tourism agendas forward.

The 2019 ASEAN Tourism Forum will take place at Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. See ATF’s website for more information.