Executive Assistant to the President & CEO / Office Manager (Washington, D.C.)

Reports to: President & CEO

Based in: Washington, DC

Position Description:

Reporting directly to the President & CEO of the Council, the Executive Assistant (EA) serves as the primary resource to the President & CEO, helping to ensure that he is organized and that all tasks including documents for signature, phone calls, invitations, calendar, tracking of contacts and membership engagement are handled in a timely manner.  S/he will be responsible for the President & CEO’s travel, as well as management of his schedule in the United States and abroad.  The EA must be highly organized, possess extreme attention to detail and be able to handle multiple tasks at the same time.  The EA must also be able to handle confidential material in a professional and responsible manner.


1. Executive Assistant

Ensure Effective Communication and Organization:

  • Assist the President & CEO with the timely management of all communication, including but not limited to written, telephone, email and voicemail
  • Maintain and regularly update the President & CEO’s contact lists on Microsoft Outlook, Card Scan or other software as needed
  • After scanning, ensure that business cards are accurately filed and easily accessible
  • Draft basic letters for review to:
    • Set-up meetings with government officials
    • Respond to members and their issues
    • Other issues as assigned.
  • Draft thank you letters in a timely manner after trips, meetings, briefings and events as appropriate
  • Type trip and meeting notes, including regular staff meeting notes
  • Draft accurate and timely minutes for meetings of the Council’s Board of Directors and Executive Committee
  • Help the President & CEO track staff correspondence, assign tasks to staff and ensure their timely completion
  • Answer the President & CEO’s phone and take accurate messages when he is not available or is out of the office
  • At all times, maintain a level of professionalism that protects the Council and its interests, especially in the handling of confidential information
  • Maintain the physical office of the President and ensure that he has adequate supplies to perform his duties
  • Maintain and update all files both electronic and paper. All critical documents and government/member correspondence must be electronically scanned and filed

Manage President & CEO’s Calendar:

  • Meet with the President & CEO regularly to review daily and future schedules, invitations, meeting requests, travel, research needs, etc.
  • Coordinate between the President & CEO and staff regarding his daily calendar meeting requests, scheduling requests, appointments and events
  • Confirm the date, time, location and length of all meetings with third parties within 24 hours of the meeting
  • Maintain a detailed awareness of the President & CEO’s daily schedule and ensure that he maintains that schedule to the extent possible
  • Understand the President & CEO’s and Council’s priorities, and schedule regular meetings with key contacts including U.S. government senior officials we well as U.S. and ASEAN diplomats
  • Update the President & CEO’s task lists daily and ensure that he has adequate time set aside for completion of these tasks

Plan President & CEO’s Travel:

  • Research and book flight, hotel and ground travel arrangements for the President & CEO’s business travel
  • Develop an agenda for each trip taken by the President & CEO, to be shared with staff and his family.
  • Work with the President & CEO and Washington, D.C. and regional staff to coordinate the President & CEO’s travel agenda and meeting requests
  • Work with the staff to ensure that the President & CEO has all needed materials for meetings that will occur during travel
  • Act as the primary liaison between the staff and the President & CEO while he is traveling, ensuring that information is transmitted in a timely manner.
  • Take responsibility for obtaining all travel receipts from the President & CEO for the purpose of preparing travel expense reports and reconciling American Express reports. Expense reports are to be completed within one week of trip completion (or receipt of needed information), and American Express reports are to be completed within one week of notification that they are ready to be viewed.

Provide Briefings / Briefing Materials to the President & CEO

  • Ensure that the President & CEO receives briefing materials at least 24 hours and preferably 48 hours prior to all meetings
  • Keep the President & CEO updated on all invitations, Council events and other requests for his time. Ensure timely responses to all such requests.

2. Office Management

  • Maintain and update staff contact list
  • In conjunction with the CFO, liaise with building management and ensure that Council staff are aware of building issues and activities
  • Order supplies and business cards as needed
  • Maintain and track inventory of Council gifts for business missions and events
  • Place monthly beverage order
  • Maintain and organize supply room
  • Maintain list of frequently used vendors
  • Organize and maintain rotating staff schedule to keep kitchen clean
  • Ensure that plants are watered and maintained

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • At least 8 years of work experience in an Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant or Office Manager role
  • Must be extremely organized and detail-oriented
  • Must have excellent English verbal and written skills
  • Must be able to professionally interact with executives and government officials from support staff to CEOs, Presidents and Prime Ministers
  • Must be willing to work outside of normal business hours as Council has offices in Southeast Asia and often does conference calls, including staff calls in evenings and early mornings
  • Must be able to take short hand and type accurately and fast.
  • Must be able to work independently and meet deadlines during President & CEO’s frequent travel
  • Must be proficient in Windows Office software including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint
  • Must be comfortable with and well versed in Internet usage, particularly Internet searches
  • Must be able to compose and draft simple communication such as thank you letters
  • Must be able to proof-read and correct documents which require the President & CEO’s signature or will be released into the public domain as a Council product
  • Must be able to handle multiple demands at the same time and work ahead of deadlines and anticipate problems and challenges
  • Must be able to function in a fast-paced environment.
  • Must be a team player and a good motivator, interested in helping to keep team spirits high while under deadline pressure
  • Must be able to handle confidential information professionally
  • A knowledge of the U.S. government, ASEAN and/or the countries of Southeast Asia a plus
  • A bachelors degree from an accredited university is preferred

Application Procedures

To apply, please submit a resume and a cover letter to jobs@usasean.org, addressing your qualifications vis-à-vis the job description. Clearly state in the subject line of your correspondence which position you are applying for.