Chyn Thanaporn Kornmatitsuk

Chyn Thanaporn Kornmatitsuk
Executive Assistant - Laos, Myanmar, Thailand

Chyn Thanaporn Kornmatitsuk joined the Council in March 2020 and serves as the Executive Assistant in the Council’s operation in Bangkok.

Before joining the Council, she worked in the governance unit at the United Nations Development Programme Thailand (UNDP Thailand), where she served as the research and coordinator assistant for the Anti-corruption and Promoting Fair Business in ASEAN project.

Chyn graduated from Mahidol University International College, majoring in Social Science with a first class honors.  During her years in university, she took part in voluntary activities with several United Nations agencies, including UNHCR and UNCC, and also gained experience from being a liaison officer and interning at the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme in the environment unit of UNDP Thailand.