Elena Rafales

Kim Yaeger
Elena Rafales
Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

Elena Rafales joined the Council as the Executive Assistant to the President & CEO in June 2019. She is an accomplished international multilingual Executive Assistant and Office Manager and brings 25+ years of experience working in both the private sector and the U.S. government.

Elena started her professional career in 1994 working for the President & CEO of General Electric Power Controls, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain. Four years later, she moved to Atlanta, GA, where she worked as the Office Manager/Executive Assistant to the President & CEO at GE Energy Services. By 2005, she was promoted to Executive Assistant to GE’s Vice Chairman at GE Energy. She travelled extensively with GE upper management and was responsible for planning numerous conferences as well as high-level executive visits around the globe.

In July 2011, Elena joined her husband on his tours with the U.S. Foreign Service, moving first to Mexico City where she served as Office Management Specialist and Visa Assistant at the U.S. Embassy and later to Sanaa, Yemen, where she also worked at the U.S. Embassy as Community Liaison Officer. Because of the political unrest in Yemen, she was evacuated in March 2014, which eventually led her to accept a position as the Executive Assistant to the GE Vice President & General Counsel in the GE Oil & Gas Headquarters in London.

After two years in London, the U.S. Foreign Service sent Elena and her family to complete their third tour in Calgary, Canada. GE O&G UK offered a Company Transfer for Elena to become the Executive Assistant to the GE Oil & Gas Canada President. When GE Canada merged with Baker Hughes in January 2018, Elena joined BluEarth Renewables in Calgary, where she became the Executive Assistant to the COO, CFO and EVP for Origination & Development.

Elena holds a Degree from St. Aldates Secretarial & Business College, Oxford, UK.