US-ASEAN Business Council Institute

The US-ASEAN Business Council Institute, Inc. (USABCI), is the charitable arm of the US-ASEAN Business Council, drawing on the spirit and power of the Council’s membership to create opportunities for deeper engagement by U.S. companies in ASEAN.  The Institute focuses its energies on activities that help educate and build the capacity and knowledge base of partners and stakeholders throughout Southeast Asia and serves as an important collective voice, amplifying the impact of U.S. companies’ contributions and dedication. The Institute also telegraphs the basic values that U.S. companies share and is prepared to support: 

  • Humanitarian activities and community engagement to help improve the lives of people in ASEAN where the Council’s companies work
  • Programs to preserve and expand knowledge about the rich cultural and art heritage of the region among audiences in the United States and of America in ASEAN 
  • Other initiatives in the fields of education, governance and rule of law, health, the environment, trade, commerce and investment.  

For more information on our projects or to get involved, please contact Margaret Hanson-Muse at