ASEAN is a Top Five Destination for US Food and Agricultural Exports

The United States exports $13 billion in food and agricultural goods to ASEAN, including over $400 million in tree nuts and $700 million in dairy products. ASEAN is 4th largest global importer of US agricultural goods, and the 2nd largest importer of US food and agricultural products in the Indo-Pacific after China. Thirty states export over $100 million in food and agricultural goods to ASEAN, with California, Washington, Illinois, and Texas as the top four exporters.

The top agricultural exports from ASEAN to the United States include soybean oil ($2.4 billion), forestry products ($1.8 billion), and tree nuts ($1.3 billion). ASEAN is also the top global rubber and palm oil exporter, responsible for 75% and 85% of global production, respectively.

Good and Agriculture Exports to ASEAN

Composition of ASEAN Agriculture Exports to the US



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Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) is a leading agricultural processor and food ingredient provider with 40,000 employees around the world. ADM's Asia and Pacific Rim trading and sales operations are headquartered in Singapore, and serve emerging markets in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Thailand. A key part of ADM's Asia strategy is its strategic ownership interest in Wilmar International Limited, Asia's premiere agricultural processing business. ADM's key businesses in Southeast Asia include: food and beverage ingredients, agricultural commodities and animal nutrition products.