ASEAN Americans & Immigration

35% of 21 Million Asian Americans Identify with an ASEAN Ethnicity

Of the estimated 21 million Asian Americans in the United States, 7.4 million identify with an ASEAN ethnicity. Filipino and Vietnamese are the largest groups, with populations of 3.9 million and 2 million, respectively. Hawaiʻi, California, Nevada, Alaska, and Washington have the highest percentage of populations who identify with an ASEAN ethnicity.

Immigrants from ASEAN member states account for over 10% of all naturalizations in the United States, and 29% of naturalizations by Asians. Remittances – funds that immigrants send to individuals in their home countries – represent a major financial flow between the United States and ASEAN. The Philippines and Vietnam are among the top five recipients of remittances from the United States after Mexico, China, and India.

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