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The US Exports Over $100 Billion in Goods and Services to ASEAN

ASEAN member states, taken together, rank 4th after Canada, Mexico, and China as a goods exports market for the United States, and the US is the 4th largest trading partner for ASEAN. The United States exported $75 billion in goods and $27 billion in services to ASEAN in 2015, an increase of 81% since 2004.

The total value of US-ASEAN bilateral trade has increased 78% since 2004, from $153 billion to $273 billion. ASEAN's surplus in goods with the US totaled $77 billion in 2015, while United States' surplus in services with ASEAN totaled $8 billion. Overall, bilateral US-ASEAN trade from 2004 to 2015 has grown at an average annual rate of 5%.

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