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Anti-Competition Disclaimer

The purpose of the US-ASEAN Business Council (US-ABC) is to explore avenues of mutual interest and cooperation in public policy and to promote awareness of the contributions and commitments that are made by U.S. industry, in manufacturing, production, marketing, and related industries, to the private and public sectors of ASEAN countries. 

While participating in all US-ABC in-person meetings, webinars, teleconferences, or side discussions, member company representatives and Council staff should avoid discussing competitively sensitive information with competitors and follow these guidelines: 

Do not discuss specific prices for services or products, market share or market allocation. 

Do not speak on behalf of the US-ABC or any of its committees unless specifically authorized to do so. 

Do leave a meeting where any anti-competitive pricing or market allocation discussion occurs and ensure that your departure is noted in the meeting minutes. 

Do alert US-ABC staff and/or legal counsel to any concerning discussions. 

Do consult with legal counsel before raising any matter or making a statement that may involve competitively sensitive information.