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US-Vietnam Health Meeting
US-Vietnam Effort to Address Climate Change-Induced Public Health Threats

Vietnam Independence Palace
Government of Vietnam Filling Personnel Vacancies

customs and trade
Ambitious Goals to Foster Growth in Vietnam's Logistics Industry

Vietnam tourist
Vietnam's Tourism Boom in 2024

vietnam flag 2
Reinforcing the Four Pillars: New Faces in Vietnam's Leadership

Vietnam Wind Energy
Vietnam Restructures its National Energy Development Strategy

Vietnam flag
Strong Trade and FDI Drive Vietnam’s Economic Growth in Q1 2024

Vietnam Robusta coffee
Vietnam’s Drive Towards Climate-Resilient Robusta Coffee

Key Statistics

$408.8b GDP
$4,164 GDP Per Capita
6.6% Projected Annual GDP Growth
98.2m Population
38% MSME Share of Employees
329 US Companies Operating in Country

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