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Brunei News
Brunei Defense Budget Increases Exponentially

Bruneian Foreign Minister II Dato Erywan Yusof
Brunei News
Foreign Minister II Visits Washington

borneo post railway
Brunei News
Brunei-Borneo Railway Concept Would Revolutionize Borneo Business

brunei fighter jets
Brunei News
Brunei sees the historic landing of USAF F-35s

asean flags
Brunei News
A Series of State Visits to Brunei

Brunie mosque
Brunei News
The Sultan’s New Year’s Resolutions

Brunei News
A Skilled, Secure, and Satisfied Workforce

travel and tourism
Brunei News
Royal Brunei Airlines' Announcement at the Singapore Airshow

water supply
Brunei News
Brunei and Malaysia Explore Cross-Border Water Supply

Key Statistics

$16.7b GDP
$37,153 GDP Per Capita
3.1% Projected Annual GDP Growth
449,000 Population
56% MSME Share of Employees
21 US Companies Operating in Country

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