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renewable energy
Laos News
Laos and Vietnam enhance Green Energy Trade

vat tax
Laos News
Laos restores the VAT rate to 10%

Laos News
Laos: Hydropower and Energy Sharing amidst the ASEAN Chairmanship

Laos News
Laos Hosts ASEAN Tourism Forum 2024

electric car batteries
Laos News
Laos to Grow EV Market

Laos News
Lao Government Pursues New Measures to Stabilize Economy

solar photovoltaics
Laos News
Laos Prioritizes Sustainable Energy Solutions

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Key Statistics

$15.7b GDP
$2,088 GDP Per Capita
4.2% Projected Annual GDP Growth
7.5m Population
82% MSME Share of Employees
10 US Companies Operating in Country

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