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Pimploy Vivatanapaiboonlap
Pimploy Vivatanapaiboonlap
Country Research Analyst
Pimploy rejoined the Council in 2022 as a Country Research Analyst for Thailand, Health & Life Sciences, and Travel & Tourism. Previously, Pimploy worked at Thailand’s Office of the National Security Council. Pimploy gained work experiences in multiple organizations including the Royal Thai Embassies, a start-up public relations agency, and a Bangkok-based magazine company. Pimploy graduated from George Washington University and was a Royal Thai Government scholarship student. Pimploy is Thai and speaks Thai fluently.

Pimploy Vivatanapaiboonlap rejoined the Council in February 2022 as a Country Analyst for the Thailand, Travel & Tourism and Health & Life Sciences portfolios.  Previously, she served as an Executive Assistant to the Country Representative in Council’s Thailand Office and as a Membership Research Intern in its DC Office.  During her time with the Council, she successfully coordinated three Thailand Business Missions, maintained good relationships with stakeholders, and supported member companies with respect to their interests and activities. 

Prior to joining the Council, Pimploy gained work experience from various sectors. She was an intern at the Royal Thai Embassies in Prague and Washington DC; an editorial trainee at a Bangkok-based magazine company; a part-time team member at a start-up public relations agency; and a government officer at the Office of the National Security Council, Prime Minister’s Office (Bangkok, Thailand).  

Pimploy was a Royal Thai Government scholarship student.  She holds an M.Ed. in Organizational Leadership and Learning from George Washington University, and a B.A. (Hons) in Political Science from Chulalongkorn University.  She was an exchange student at Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany, where she studied Politics for a semester.  Pimploy was born and raised in Bangkok and speaks Thai fluently. 

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