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2023 SME Workshop Indonesia: Empowering Indonesia SMEs: Unlocking Digital Potential for Global Success
Aug 19, 2023
09:00 AM - 05:30 PM EDT

<span style="font-family:arial,sans-serif;"><span style="font-size:11pt;">The US-ASEAN Business Council (the Council) is pleased to continue the ongoing initiatives <strong>SME Workshop Series: Building Resiliency for ASEAN SMEs</strong> &ndash; as a part of the </span></span><a href="https://www.usasean.org/sme-business-alliance&quot; style="color:rgb(5, 99, 193);"><span style="font-family:arial,sans-serif;"><span style="font-size:11pt;">SME Program</span></span></a><span style="font-family:arial,sans-serif;"><span style="font-size:11pt;"> and </span></span><a href="http://asean-sme-academy.org/&quot; style="color:rgb(5, 99, 193);"><span style="font-family:arial,sans-serif;"><span style="font-size:11pt;">ASEAN SME Academy</span></span></a><span style="font-family:arial,sans-serif;"><span style="font-size:11pt;"> (the Academy) &ndash; which aims to help ASEAN small and medium enterprises (SMEs) re-navigate themselves after the COVID-19 pandemic and advance in the digital economy. The upcoming workshop will focus on <strong>&ldquo;Empowering Indonesian SMEs: Unlocking Digital Potential for Global Success&rdquo;</strong> &ndash; which will be conducted on <strong>Saturday, August 19, 2023, </strong>from <strong>09.00 AM &ndash; 17.30 PM (TBC) </strong>in Hotel Tentrem, Semarang, Central Java. This workshop will be a sideline event of the 2023 Business Mission to the 56<sup>th</sup> ASEAN Economic Ministers&rsquo; (AEM) Meeting and a celebration of the 78<sup>th</sup> year of Indonesia&rsquo;s independence</span></span>