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Enrique Lacambra III
Enrique Lacambra III
Regional IT - Associate
Enrique Lacambra III joined the US-ASEAN Business Council as the Regional IT Associate in January 2022. He is primarily responsible for developing, managing, deploying, and maintaining the Council’s digital products and web-based applications and providing day-to-day IT support for Council staff in Southeast Asia. He previously was retained by the Council as a Web and Systems Engineer consultant in 2021. Before joining the Council, Enrique worked as a full-stack web developer, providing customized web-based solutions from start-up to enterprise-level clients worldwide and local government agencies in the Philippines.

Enrique graduated from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University (AdZU) with a B.S. in Information Technology, concentrating in web development.  He is completing his master’s degree in Information Technology at the same university.  Enrique also serves as a part-time faculty of his alma mater during weekends.  In addition, he teaches computer programming, web technologies, and web development to students aspiring to become future IT engineers.

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