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Khun Rungmee
Khanuengnit Rungmee
Executive Assistant
Laos Myanmar Thailand
Khanuengnit Rungmee joined the US-ASEAN Business Council as an Executive Assistant to the Chief Representative – Laos, Myanmar, Thailand. Previously she interned with the United Nations ESCAP, excelling in social media and event management. She collaborated on promotional video production, content creation, and presentation design for Commission Session 79. As a moderator, she adeptly introduced visitors to ESCAP's mission and achievements, showcasing her strong communication, organizational, and liaison skills.

Khanuengnit Rungmee embarked on her journey as the Executive Assistant to the Chief Representative at the US-ASEAN Business Council's Bangkok office in May 2024. Her role involves providing vital support to the Chief Representative for Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand, overseeing general administrative tasks, and assisting in organizing Council missions and events across these regions.

Before joining the Council, Khanuengnit gained valuable experience through an internship at the United Nations ESCAP and worked as a social media associate at ADA Digital Company. These roles allowed her to refine her skills in social media management and event coordination.

Khanuengnit earned her Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and Global Affairs from Mahidol University International College in 2023. Throughout her university journey, she demonstrated exceptional dedication and leadership qualities as a general committee member of the Inner Peace Club.

Within the Inner Peace Club, Khanuengnit took charge of managing various online and on-campus projects. She excelled in project coordination, creating engaging activities, and effectively promoting initiatives through social media platforms. Khanuengnit's diverse experiences have honed her skills in administration, event management, social media, and communication, making her a valuable addition to the US-ASEAN Business Council team.

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