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April 29, 2024

Jakarta to Remain a Strategic Business and Trade Hub

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Jakarta Indonesia, Cityscape
April 29, 2024

Jakarta will remain as Indonesia’s strategic business and trade hub, after the relocation of Indonesia’s capital to Nusantara which wi. The Bill on the Special Region of Jakarta, aimed to adjust regulatory policies for Jakarta’s special status, was approved by the 14th House of Representatives (DPR) on March 5, 2024, yet the controversial article regarding the president’s appointment of Jakarta’s governor and vice governor remains unsettled
As the Special Capital Region, Jakarta operates under a unique political framework that differs from other provinces, lacking full democratic autonomy. However, plans for capital relocation raise concerns as the presidential appointment of regional heads would undermine Jakarta's established regional autonomy. Since 2005, citizens have directly elected their governors, mayors, and regents, alongside participating in the one-person one-vote system for the president and vice president. With Jakarta contributing approximately 17% to the economy in 2023 and poised to become a world-class city, political elites intend to retain their influence over the city.

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