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Angga Antagia
Angga Antagia
Angga serves as Council’s Director of Strategic Initiatives since February 2023, leading regional strategic initiatives and managing diverse portfolios - Food & Agriculture, Energy, Innovation & Education. He held various roles as Deputy MD at BowerGroupAsia Indonesia, US-ABC Indonesia Senior Representatives, Deputy ED of Indonesia Services Dialogue Council, Indonesian Parliament Advisory Staff, APEC Business Advisory Council Policy Officer, and Bank Syariah Bukopin Business Lead. Angga holds a bachelor’s in economics, further enriched by programs at Paramadina University and Singapore Institute of Management.

Since February 2023, Angga serves as the Council’s Director of Strategic Initiatives, bringing 15 years of experience in public policy, international trade, project management, government relations and public affairs with him.  He oversees developing the Council’s strategic initiatives across the region, as well as managing the Food & Agriculture, Energy, Innovation and Education portfolios.  Angga previously served at BowerGroupAsia (BGA) Indonesia as Deputy Managing Director provided leadership, quality control and mentoring to the team and nurturing networks and relationships with clients and professional and trade associations and other external groups and events.

Angga has broad experience in industry associations and the private sector and was US-ABC’s Senior Country Representative in Indonesia until 2022, leading advocacy in cross-sectoral industries and building relationships with officials, associations, chambers and other key Indonesian stakeholders.  Angga was also a member of the supervisory board (DPA) of the Indonesian Telematic Society (MASTEL), the leading ICT-industry association.  Early in his career at Bank Syariah Bukopin Angga, he was a business development coordinator for portfolios including healthcare, construction, and the retail industry.

Angga’s extensive networks derive from his years as an expert staff member in the Indonesian Parliament, as founding deputy executive director of the Indonesia Services Dialogue Council (ISD – one of the initiators of Asia Pacific Services Coalition, or APSC), and as a policy officer at the APEC Business Advisory Council Indonesia.  He started his career as an assistant lecturer in the Economics Department of Gadjah Mada University and researcher at the Centre for Economic Studies and Public Policy.  Angga holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Gadjah Mada University and received further professional education through a Ford Foundation-supported Executive Program for Sustainable Partnership from Paramadina University and in Effective Negotiation at the Singapore Institute of Management for Professional Development

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